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Terekhol beach in goa

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Terekhol is located approximately 45 kms from Panaji in the northern most part of Goa. It is located very close to the Maharashtra border, in Pernem Taluka of Goa. The beach is located on the north front of the Terekhol river and is a beautiful and unspoiled region of Goa. Urban commercialization has not yet reached this wild sanctuary of beautiful Goa.

Located on a hillock overlooking the Arabian Sea, right at the mouth of the Terekhol river lies the Terekhol Fort. From the fort, you can see the Querim beach. There is a ferry that crosses the Terekhol river. It operates every 30 minutes.

About Terekhol Fort

goanparadise - terekhol fort in goa

The Late Maharaja Khem Sawant Bhonsle, the then Raja of Sawantwadi, built the Terekhol fort in the early 17th century. Strategically located on a high ground and surrounded by a dry moat on three sides, the fort was then captured by the Portuguese Viceroy, Dom Pedro Miguel De Almeida in the year 1764 and later built a church within the fort. Terekhol was legally incorporated into Goa in the year 1788.

Terekhol Fort remained a strategic defence point for the Portuguese. In 1825, Dr. Bernado Peres da Silva, the first Goan born Viceroy of Goa, used the fort as a base and organized an armed revolt against the Portuguese. He was however defeated and the fort was once again captured by the portuguese. Dr. Bernado Peres da Silva never returned to Goa again. The church and the fort were rebuilt later.

Places To Stay

What remains of the fort, is now a hotel, called the 'Terekhol Fort Heritage'. In its courtyard still lies the century old Church of St. Anthony. It is open to the general public only on certain occasions such as the annual feast that is usually held some time in May.

Things To Do

There is not much to do at the fort, except to relax and enjoy the beautiful and serene surroundings. You can trek your way around the surrounding area or just take your two wheeler or hop on your bicycle for a ride around the fort. A path behind the fort leads to the Goldsmith caves. You could also stop at Querim beach for a swim or wade in the Terekhol river at a few safe spots.


There are many tourist bus operators that routinely organize trips to the fort, with accomodation booked at the Hotel Terekhol Fort Heritage. However, if you do want to venture on your own, we would suggest that you hire a taxi or private tourist car for a day that would also show you the sites along the way.