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Real Estate News and Events in Goa

Goan Paradise is a real estate company. The information listed below is a part of our GOA GUIDE section and provided to help you understand Goa better. We do not cater to the services listed in the Goa Guide section. Feel free to browse through the GOA GUIDE.
Maximising space at Home- Interior Ideas

Storage space in apartments is precious. Sudha Jain offers tips to maximise space by using multipurpose furniture, shelves mounted on walls or storage-friendly furniture.

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Do up that corner at home

Often the most neglected place in a house, a corner, can be made interesting. Find out how…

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Decor for your floor.

Choosing an appropriate flooring option is essential to lend the right note to an interior. 

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How about a garden on your terrace?

How about a garden on your terrace? You can  have a small space where you can grow herbs such as basil, thyme and rosemary without much effort. Sudha Jain offers suggestions on how to turn your terrace space into  a tiny garden.

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New roof-and-attic system for Energy efficiency.

Heating and cooling a house are two of the biggest ongoing costs for homeowners and are responsible for the bulk of the average household’s energy consumption. 

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Decorate your home for maximum appeal!

We would all like to buy new flats or apartments. Unfortunately, not all of us can afford to do so. Sometimes, with the loan home owners manage to purchase a ‘not-so-new’ flat with the loan they have qualified for.

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Trend for Green Buildings on the rise.

The words ‘green’ or ‘ecofriendly’ have become buzzwords and developers too have realised the importance of green buildings.

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Turn your Living Space into a style statement!

The Living Room is like the signature of your home. This is the place that speaks the most of your style and taste. Here are some tips that will spruce up this extra-special room:

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How to plan your new home decor?

Drawing a perfect plan with all logistics in place is the first step towards transforming a house into a warm and inviting home.

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Mopa villagers demand alternative land.

The villagers affected by the land acquisition for proposed Mopa International Airport, on Monday submitted a memorandum to the Government demanding compensatory land.

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